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Cavalry Saddleblanket by Woolrich
Dark Blue with dark orange stripes. These are made in the USA by Woolrich who has been in business since 1830. They made the originals! 85% wool. 66" x 80". These have the stripes on all four sides, not just two like the imported junk.

Cavalry Saddleblanket
In Stock McClellan Special!!
In Stock Special!

I have one 1859 McClellan saddle in stock. This is brand new, 12" seat, 4" hooded stirrups. Includes set of six coat straps, 1859 saddlebags, and girth! There's no need to wait two months for delivery, this one is ready to go, but hurry there's only one available at this price! I will pay the ground shipping (UPS) to the continental United States.
Saddle with coat straps, saddlebags, and girth

SOLD! Please check back!

In Stock Saddle Special
In Stock Saddle Special
McClellan Saddles

Our McClellans are now built on our own trees made in our own shop! After years of not being completely satisfied with the quality of trees available, I have decided to build them with the help of my Dad, actually Dad does most of the work. These are built with laminated Poplar, just like the originals, not plywood like most replicas now being built. Each bar is made of three pieces glued together. Both the pommel and cantle are mortised and laminated. All wood is glued together with waterproof glue. The metal arch supports are primed and the entire tree is painted white. The rawhide is natural color and much heavier. The downside to all of this is it is hard to work in the saddle shop AND the tree shop. Until we get an inventory of trees built, you may have to wait longer, but I promise you, the final product is much better! Thank you!

From the 1861 Ordnance Manual:

"Saddle-Tree.-Wood (beech)-1 pommel, made of two pieces framed together at top and glued; 1 cantle, formed of two pieces, like the pommel; 2 side bars (poplar) each made of three pieces glues together: they are glued to the pommel and cantle..."

McClellan trees before painting and rawhide
Covered Trees
Cantle Back
1859 McClellan Saddle

Built on new wood tree, covered with rawhide. This is an 1859 model tree built on modified Quarter Horse bars that will fit today's horses. Saddle comes complete with correct iron hardware, hooded stirrups, fenders, skirts, complete rigging assembly and a set of six coat straps. I have learned that harness leather holds up the best to the abuse these saddles take by the average reenactor. I use harness leather that is dyed black on the grain side only. Girth sold seperately.

11", 11 1/2", and 12" seat sizes available.
3" or 4" stirrups available.
Also available in russet leather.

$879.00 credit card price
$849.00 cash, check, or money order

civil war mcclellan saddle
1859 McClellan Saddle built on Carrico tree
1859 Girth

Made with authentic 4 1/2" wool webbing.
Correct Hardware


David and "Major"
Officer's Model McClellan
Click here to view Officer's Model McClellan Saddle
1874 McClellan Saddle
1874 McClellan Saddle
1872 McClellan Saddle

Built on new wooden tree with modified Quarter Horse bars.
Entire tree covered with leather. Correct iron hardware, complete rigging assembly, hooded stirrups, and a set of six coat straps.
11 1/2" or 12" seat available.
3" or 4" stirrups available.


1874 McClellan Saddle

This is the same saddle as the 1872 except it features brass hardware and "US" embossed stirrup hoods.
11 1/2" or 12" seat available.


**Add $45 for fenders**

Coat Straps

Correct buckles sewn on.
Black or Russet available
Black or brass bar buckles, horseshoe buckles, or roller buckles available.

Set of six $60.00

Individual $10.00