Western Trooper Productions

Film Credits: “Appaloosa”, “True Grit”, “Jonah Hex”

Thank you for your interest in Western Trooper Productions! We specialize in providing quality saddles, tack, holsters, belts, and other authentic goods for the film industry.I have worked in the movie industry for over 15 years, so I understand the time factor involved with productions. I have a large selection of used gear on hand, or I can build what you need. Most items are available for both rental and purchase.


A Fork Saddles
Contrary to what you have seen by most Hollywood films, 1960-1980’s roping saddles did not exist in the 1870’s.
This is what saddles of that time period should look like!
A saddled horse stands on grass with a coiled rope and saddlebag attached under a sunny, wooded area. A brown horse stands on grass, saddled with a brown saddle and saddlebag, in a shaded, wooded area.

Saddle Scabbards

Western Gunbelts

Western Holsters

Cowboy Saddlebags

Professional Background Horsemen

Carrico’s Leatherworks

Carrico’s Leatherworks