Meanea Company

Frank A. Meanea was born in 1849 and came to Cheyenne in 1868 to work in the famous saddle shop owned by his uncle, E.L. Gallatin. He eventually became the owner of the shop and continued to produce saddles, chaps, gun rigs, and all types of leather products until his death in 1928. The original “Meanea” made products were used by such notables as Buffalo Bill Cody, Theodore Roosevelt and C.M. Russell as well as numerous lawmen and outlaws. Meanea products were world renowned as being of high quality.

In the 1990’s the shop was reopened under the name of “F.A. Meana Company”. This company reproduced many items from original patterns and dies. I recently purchased the remaining patterns and dies and will soon offer items made from these. The following pages are from the 1994 “F.A. Meanea Company” catalog. These pages show some of the items they made and that I will soon be offering. If you have any “F.A. Meanea Company” leather items, I would be interested in seeing photos. Thank you for your interest!

We are now reproducing some of these items! More products coming soon!

Dove Wing Spur Straps

Made from original pattern.
Oil finish with border embossing (may differ from picture)
Stamped “F.A. Meanea Co. Cheyenne, WYO”
$45.00 pair

Buckle Type Spur Straps

Size Large: Should fit Mens 9 and up.
Stainless steel buckle standard, brass also available
Oil finish. Border embossed (may differ from picture)
$65.00 pair

One Ear Headstall

From original pattern. Features 1 1/2″ clipped corner buckle and stainless steel conchos.
Brass hardware also available.
Oil finish with border embossing.
Several different border patterns available. (may differ from picture)


Doghouse Style Stirrups

After much searching, I am having these stirrups custom made to my specifications.
4″ wide, all the way around.
Made for 3″ stirrup leathers.

$60 / pair
$85 / pair with tread covers

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