Leather Military Belts and Holsters

Two black leather holsters with snap closures laying side by side on a beige surface.

US Issue Civil War Holster
This is the standard issue holster. It is worn on the right side, with the pistol butt forward.
Standard model fits ’58 Remington,
’51, ’60, ’73 Colts with a 7 1/2″ barrel.
Sewn in toe plug.
Black standard, russet available
5 1/2″ model also available
Non-regulation available. (Left side, butt forward)
Several period arsenal and makers markings available.


A brown leather gun holster with a flap cover and a strap closure is displayed against a plain background.

CS Holster
CS style flap holster
Available in black or russet
Left or right hand
Stamped “CS Arsenal Baton Rouge, LA.”


Black leather holster with a flap closure, featuring an embossed "US" emblem on the flap.

U.S. Re-issue Holster

This is the same Civil War holster, only with “US” embossed on the flap.
It was common to re-issue Civil War holsters after the war for use on the frontier.


A black leather gun holster with white stitching along the edges rests on a beige surface.

1885 Cavalry Holster

Made to fit 1873 Colt SAA and the S&W Schofield.
“US” embossed on the holster body.
“Rock Island Arsenal” stamped on the flap.
Black leather standard.
Russet available.
7 1/2″ standard, 5 1/2″ available
Sewn in toe plug.

“Fair Weather Christian Belts”
Many soldiers and saddlers experimented with better ways of carrying cartridge ammunition. Some of the earliest “thimble” belts were stripped down saber belts. There are several options, buckles, and styles available. I have listed the more popular ones. If you have a certain style in mind, please contact me!

Standard size fits 45/70 and 45 Colt
50/70 and 56/50 Spencer also available
Style A features leather loops.
Style B features canvas loops
1851 Eagle belt plate and 1874 “US” belt plates available
Black roller buckle available $10 less.
Please state waist size!

Style A $165.00
Style B $155.00

A black harmonica case with multiple harmonicas inside and a yellow cleaning cloth on a gray carpeted surface.

Pistol Pendant Loop

Attaches to the Fair Weather Christian belt. Holds 15 rounds of 45 Colt.


A black leather belt with a brass buckle bearing the letters "US," placed on a beige carpet.

1874 Waist Belt and 1851 Waist Belt

Leather waist belt with brass adjustment hook.
Please state waist size.
Includes choice of either 1851 or 1874 Made in the U.S. belt plate.


Pistol Cartridge Box
Completely hand sewn, made in the USA, high quality!
Currently not available!

Civil War Cap Pouch
Completely handsewn, made in the USA. High quality. Includes inner flap, ears, wool, and nipple pick.
Currently not available!

A small black leather pouch with a buttoned flap. The flap has an embossed "US" insignia.

Indian Wars Modified Cap Pouch
Modified CW Cap pouch to carry 45 Long Colt Cartridges.
After the War, the Government had thousands of surplus cap pouches. With the new metallic cartridge pistols being used, this was a way of using up some of the surplus.
Will hold approx. 10 rounds
“US” embossed on the flap.
Sub Inspector Stamped also.
No inner wool or nipple pick.
Not made in my shop, but made in the USA.
Currently not available!

Carbine Cartridge Box
High quality, completely hand sewn, made in the USA!
Complete with wooden block
Currently not available!

Canvas Prairie Belt

Handmade in my shop, not imported! 3″ wide belt with 2″ wide loops sewn on. 36 loops standard, let me know if you want more or less. 45/70 standard. 12 gauge and other calibers available. Natural (white) canvas. Black or Russet leather ends. Can be marked “Rock Island Arsenal”. Please state waist size. As per originals, the leather is folded over the end bar of the buckle and not over the center bar. If you prefer center bar connection, please let me know.


Mills Belt

Made in my shop. Not imported.
Canvas belt with canvas loops to fit 45/70
“US” buckle standard. Dogshead and Star buckles available
12 ga. also available. Natural (white) canvas.


1874 Dyer Pouch

A small black leather purse with rounded edges, adorned with gold studs around an embossed center design, lying on a gray textured surface.

Used to carry 45/70 rounds.
Wool lined.
“US” embossed with brass escutcheon plate
Made in the USA.
Currently not available!

I was asked to build a Dyer Pouch for a customer who was portraying a Plains Indian. He wanted me to add spots to it. It looked so good, I thought I would offer that option.

Add $15.00 for brass spots.

Carbine Sling

Black leather belt with a yellow buckle placed on a beige surface, accompanied by a silver chain with two carabiner clips.

Made of light weight and durable leather. Includes brass buckle and tip sewn and riveted on. Period five line makers stamp that reads:
W.H. Wilkinson
Springfield Mass.
GT Woodbury

Carbine Sling Only
Carbine Snap Swivel

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