Western Belts Holsters

Double Loop Holsters

Several styles and options available. Authentic border stamping and sewn in toe plugs. Standard models will fit most black powder revolvers and 1873 SAA Reproductions.
Schofield models available.
Left or Right Hand models available
Russet, Brown, or Black Leather.
State type of weapon and barrel length.

Add $10 for spots

A brown leather gun holster with decorative stitching, holding a revolver with a wooden grip.

Single Loop Holsters

Available in curved loop (pictured) or straight loop.
Made to fit 1851, 1860, 1872, and 1873 Colts.
Also 1858 Remington

Stamping patterns will vary.

Slim Jim Holster

This style features double trigger guard cut out (front and back). This model will fit 1851 & 1860 Colts, Colt Conversions, and 1872 Open Top. Sewn in toe plug and border stamping standard. Left or right hand, straight or cross draw.

Contour fit with sewn in toe plug.
Holster model available for most period replica revolvers.
Left or Right Hand. Straight or cross draw.
State weapon type and barrel length.
Standard model fits 58 Remington and ’60, 72, 73 Colts, 7 1/2″ barrel
Black, Russet or Brown leather.


A leather gun holster with intricate stitching holds a gun with a white handle, placed on a gray textured surface.

Floral Slim Jim

Replica of the early
1850’s-60’s Slim Jim Holsters.
Sewn in toe plug.
Specify gun type.
Other patterns to follow!


A brown leather gun holster with intricate stitching, containing a wooden-handled firearm, is displayed against a white background.
Half Flap Holster

This was a popular civilian style of the 1860’s and 1870’s. Contoured fit with sewn in toe plug.
Authentic border stamping available.
Black, Russet, or Brown
Left or Right Hand
Please state weapon type and barrel length.
Please add $10 for Dragoon or Walker model.


A black handgun partially visible in a brown leather holster with a decorative stitched design, lying on a white background.
1911 Holster

Made to fit 1911 45 Auto 5″ barrel
Single loop holster
Lined with soft leather lining
Border stamped



Belt sizing guide showing how to measure from the buckle's center bar to the most worn hole for accurate sizing.


Four square-shaped belt buckles are displayed on a white background. Two buckles are gold-toned, and the other two are silver-toned. A rectangular metal belt buckle with a central prong lies on a granite-like surface.

Buckle Options
Left Side
Top: Antique Brass, Antique Nickle
Bottom: Brass, Nickle

Right Side
DC Brass Buckle cast in the U.S. (Add $20 for this buckle)

Leather Cartridge Belt Billet Options
Three brown leather belts with various types of buckles, each featuring detailed stitching, are laid out horizontally on a grey surface.

Top: One piece belt
Middle: Standard sewn on billet
Bottom: Scalloped sewn on billet
*Riveted or no rivet


Leather Cartridge Belts
A tan leather belt with a metal buckle is displayed on a gray surface alongside several yellow and silver bullet casings.

Standard model is 2 1/2″ wide with 1 1/2″ Billets, 36 cartridge loops sewn on. Authentic “clipped corner” buckle in nickle or brass.
Rectangular “California” Buckle, Nickle only.
Please state caliber and waist size.
Black or russet

Lined $175.00
Unlined $155.00

A leather belt with bullet loops holding numerous bullets, displayed on a gray surface.
One Piece Cartridge Belt

Unlined $145
Lined $165
Embossing add $15


A brown leather utility belt with a buckle and multiple loops for holding items, placed on a pink textured surface.

Cartridge Belts with Border Embossing

After much searching, we have finally acquired an original leather embosser with original embossing patterns. Many of the old time saddle shops had embossers to decorate saddles, saddlebags, holsters, and belts. We now offer border embossed cartridge belts with period patterns. The numbers next to the patterns are the same numbers from the original tool catalog.

Cartridge Belt, lined, with border embossing

Image of a leather surface with various embossed stitching line patterns. Numbers below the lines range from 3 to 609, and "DBL LINE" appears on the bottom left.

Embossing Pattern Options

I can make the canvas belts with tan canvas. The canvas is natural (white) and I dye it with Rit dye. If you leave cartridges in the dyed canvas for long periods of time, months, it will corrode your cases. The tan is fine to use , I just wouldn’t store the cartridges in the belt. If unsure, go with the natural color.

Two cream-colored leather ammunition belts with brown accents, one featuring a buckle and the other with cartridge loops, laid out on a textured red surface.
Buffalo Hunters Belt

3″ wide canvas with 2″ canvas loops.
1 1/2″ buckle and billets
45/70 standard caliber


A leather gun belt with bullet loops and a silver buckle.

Canvas Belt with Leather Loops

Natural canvas belt with 7/8″ wide leather loops
45 cal
Leather Billets
Several buckle options

A tan ammunition belt made of leather and fabric, coiled with a loop and buckle, placed on a gray and white textured surface.

Canvas Prairie Belt

Handmade in my shop, not imported! 3″ wide belt with 2″ wide loops sewn on. 36 loops standard, let me know if you want more or less. 45/70 standard. 12 gauge and other calibers available. Natural (white) canvas. Black or Russet leather ends. Can be marked “Rock Island Arsenal”. Please state waist size. As per originals, the leather is folded over the end bar of the buckle and not over the center bar. If you prefer center bar connection, please let me know.

A brown leather belt with metal studs and a silver buckle lies on a light-colored carpet.

“Scout Belt”

This belt is a full three inches wide.
Lined leather cartridge belt.
Features over 100 spots (depending on waist size)
Two handmade conchos
Concho styles may vary


A brown leather belt with a metal buckle is coiled on a light-colored carpeted floor.

Concho Belt

2″ wide belt with nickle spots, handmade conchos, and nickle buckle.

Please state waist size


Two tan leather belts, crossed at their middles, lie on a brown fabric surface.
Double Billet Belt

Border embossed leather belt, no cartridge loops, features two billets.
Brass or black horseshoe buckles available. Belt is 2 1/2″ wide.
Please state waist size!


Old West Leather

Two brown leather wallets are displayed on a light surface. One wallet is open, showing its compartments, while the other is closed.
Wallet, Style A

Period Styling. Made with lightweight leather with an oil finish. Features wrap around closing strap and two inner pockets. Often imitated, never duplicated!
Russet or Black


Three brown leather wallets are laid out on a plain white background. Two wallets are closed, and one is open, showing the inside.
Wallet, Style B

Flat fold wallet
This will also work as a checkbook cover!
Russet or Black


A pair of tan leather saddlebags on a light-colored surface, with straps and buckles visible for securing the flaps.

Yuma Saddlebags

Bag size approx. 10″ x 10″ with large outer flap.
Border stamped
Colors will vary!
Spots also available
(add $20 for spots)


A brown leather saddlebag with metal stud accents and a star design, resting on a red and black patterned fabric.

Cowboy Saddlepockets

Several styles and colors available!
Border Stamped $275
Spotted and Border Stamped $295


A black leather saddlebag hanging on a wooden chair back.

Popular style of the 1850’s-1870’s.
Can be made to fit McClellans, Hopes, or A-Fork Saddles.
Black and Russet available. Russet colors will vary.



A pair of decorative leather spurs with metal buckles laid out on a blue surface.Scalloped Spur Straps

Available plain, with border stamping, with spots
Brass or nickel spots.
Antique nickel sunburst spots.
Brass or nickel buckles.
Black, Brown, or Russet leather.

Border stamped $40.00 / pair
Spots $55.00 / pair

Two leather spurs with intricate designs and metal buckles are displayed on a beige surface.Abilene Spur Straps

Handstamped cowboy spur straps.
(Stamping may vary from picture)

Brass or nickle hardware available
Brown or russet leather

Border Stamped $40.00/pr

Basket Stamped $50.00/pr
Spots with border stamping $45.00/pr

Dove Wing Spur Straps

*Available with Antique nickel , Bucking Bronc, or Gold Berry conchos
*Available with plain brass, nickel, or sunburst spots.

Border stamped only $35.00
Spotted $45.00
Spotted with Conchos (2″) $55.00

Two intricately carved wooden pieces, each with a floral and leaf design, laid out on a gray speckled surface. They have multiple holes for attachment.“Roosevelt” Floral Spur Strap

Patterned after a pair worn by Teddy Roosevelt.
Dove wing style.
Hand tooled.
Antique Russet.


Shotgun Chaps (Step-ins)

Made from original pattern. Authentic reproduction, sorry no snaps or zippers here.
Brown tones and tan leather available.
Colors will vary.
Waist size and inseam sizes needed.
Black roller buckle or clipped corner buckles available.

Add $40 for conchos.
Add $25 for spots.
Starting at
$595.00 pair

A leather rifle scabbard with attached straps lies on a gray surface.Saddle Scabbard

Made to fit 1866 and 1873 Winchester’s
Please specify rifle or carbine.
Please specify how you want it to be carried on the saddle.
Off side or near side?
Rifle butt to the rear, or to the front?
Brass cart buckles or black roller buckles available.
Plain $250
Borderstamped $275
Spots add $25

Cowboy Cuffs

Everyday gear for the working cowboy.
Several styles and options.
Buckle closures.
Border stamped, spots, or plain.
Black, Russet, or Brown leather available.

Plain $50.00 / pair
Border Stamped $60.00 / pair
Spotted $60.00 / pair
Spotted and Border Stamped $70.00 / pair

Border Embossed Cuffs

Made with original embossing dies. Many of the old saddleshops offered border embossing on many items.
Often imitated, never duplicated!

$60.00 pr

Fish Slickers in the Cavalry?

The following text is from Douglas C. McChristian’s new book “Uniforms, Arms, and Equipment, The U.S Army on the Western Frontier, 1880-1892” Vol. 2

When the eighth cavalry made a record overland march from Texas to its new stations in Montana and the Dakotas in 1888, “several troops purchased what was known as the ‘fish brand’ slicker, which is of a yellow color, light and durable, and which covered the wearer and his saddle down to below his boot tops, and proved to be an almost perfect protection in the heavy rains that fell during the march, sometimes lasting all day.” Phelps, “From Texas to Dakota”.

A long, yellow raincoat with a red collar hanging on a white background.Fish Slicker

Excellent reproduction of the “Tower Brand” Pommel Slickers of the 1870’s-80’s. Cotton muslin with acrylic latex waterproof coating. Red wool collar with storm closure, two rows of buttons.
Camel color only. Medium, Large, XL, XL.


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