Please note: There is a $25 minimum order on “hardware only” orders!

Seven assorted rectangular belt buckles arranged on a flat surface, featuring various sizes and colors including black and gold.Stirrup Strap Buckle
Black Iron $5.00 ea
(Brass not available)
Halter Buckle, Black Iron $4.00 ea
3/4″ or 5/8″ Black Iron $3.00 ea
Original North and Judd 3/4″ Black Roller Buckle $1.00 ea

A collection of eight metal hooks in various shapes and two colors (black and gold) arranged on a white surface.McClellan Saddle Hardware
Saddlebag Stud Brass or Black Iron $3.00 ea
Footman Loops Brass or Black Iron
High or Low $3.00 ea
Brass Ring Stand $2.00 ea
Brass Ring $2.50 ea

Five brass plaques and four screws arranged on a white surface.Pommel Shield
11 1/2″ or 12″ seat
Allegheny Arsenal 1861
$3.00 ea includes pins
Slot Plate

Four metal lock rings are arranged in two vertical pairs. Alongside each pair, two metal prongs are laid out horizontally, parallel to each other. The items are placed on a white surface.Set of 4 staples
and 4 black iron rings

Carrico’s Leatherworks

Carrico’s Leatherworks