Hope Saddles and A-Fork Saddles 1840's-1880's

On this page you will see several different styles of Hope saddles and A-fork saddles. These will span from the 1840’s – 1880’s. The possibilities are endless. I am showing some of the more popular styles. I use domestic “Hermann Oak” or “Wickett and Craig” skirting leather and put in leather ground seats with metal seat strainers.

These are built right, and built to last! Let me know what you have in mind!

Small skirt Hopes $1500 and up
Square skirt, fleece lined Hopes $2,500 and up
A-Forks $3200 and up

Here’s a Hope style saddle I recently finished. Built with Hermann Oak Chestnut Skirting leather. Period hand carved rope border.

Saddle Number 116 features hand made conchos.

Carrico’s Leatherworks

Carrico’s Leatherworks