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I am excited about the lastest movie to have been a small part of. I was hired as the Cavalry Advisor to help train the actors to ride as cavalry troopers. This included formations, drill, mounting and dismounting with a carbine! The actors all responded well and were eager to learn. Most of the cavalry horse equipment is mine, including the rig used by Christian Bale. Christian was a quick learner, was always eager to learn more and wanted to do things right. Please check out the trailer to “Hostiles”.

Frank and Jesse Collection

Replica Jesse James Holster and Belt

This style belt and holster was recently copied from the original for Brad Pitt to wear as Jesse James in the feature film. Will Ghormley helped design it, and made the first holster. I made several other sets of holsters and money belts after a few modifications were made by production and Mr. Pitt. The rig they used is a money belt with one holster for a S&W Schofield and one holster for a 7 1/2″ Colt. I actually provided two complete sets for filming, and one practice set for Mr. Pitt. I also built the shoulder holster he wears in the show. These were all bought by production.

Money Belt (Russet only) $169.00 (Not taking orders for money belts at this time!)
You can substitute a regular cartridge belt
Colt tooled holster $150.00
S&W tooled holster $150.00

Frank James Belt and Holster

This is a copy of one of the belts and holsters worn by Frank James. The belt is my standard Fair Weather Christian belt.

Holster $125
FWC Belt $145

Carrico’s Leatherworks

Carrico’s Leatherworks