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This page is dedicated to the art and western decor which is created by my wife, son, and father. If you have any questions or would like to order something custom, please feel free to call. Thank you for looking.

A circular hat, possibly vintage, displayed on a stone wall background.Oval Rope Mirrors
The mirrors have a solid wood base with mirror, cowhide, and rope. These are hand made in our barn. Each one is unique. They are ready to hang on the wall and enjoy.

The sizes vary slightly, but average 24″ long and 21″ wide.


Three stackable stone or ceramic bowls of varying sizes displayed on a stone surface with a wooden background.Rope Bowls & Baskets
These bowls are made of used ranch ropes. Ropes are washed prior to and after the basket making process. They are great as a centerpiece or to hold your favorite objects. Fill it with pine cones, red beans, or your favorite potpourri. They make great gifts or the beginnings of a gift basket for the western enthusiast. Prices vary depending on size.


Rope Basket with Antler Handle
These baskets are equipped with an antler handle. It makes a great addition to any lodge or western room. Prices vary depending on the antler used, but begin at $52.50


Rope Basket with Horseshoe
These rope baskets make great planters. They have a horseshoe attached to the basket. Prices vary depending on the number of horseshoes added. Beginning price with one horseshoe is $35 – $40


A coiled rope with a handle is placed on a gravel surface with green bushes and a tree in the background.Rope Wastebasket
These baskets work great in the office or guest bathroom. They vary in shape and may have some color depending on the ropes used.

Two rope wastebasket – $55.00
Three rope wastebasket – $70.00


Wooden cross pendant with metallic accents on a gray speckled background.Saddle Crosses
These crosses are made to be hung on your saddle. They come in natural leather with spots or in natural leather with cowhide. You can add a concho for an additional cost.

Spotted Cross – $12.00
Cowhide Cross – $15.00


A square mirror with a dark wooden frame and metallic decorative elements at the corners is mounted on a wooden wall. Reflected in it are several framed pictures hanging on an opposite wall.Square Mirror
These mirrrors are approximately 20″ x 20″. They have a solid wood base with a 12″ x 12″ mirror. They vary in look, but can include ranch rope, cowhide, and antler.

Each is unique. Prices vary.

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